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Hi. Have been reading this site for a few years now and wondering whether to join up. Lots of it makes me laugh, a lot is very informative but lots of negative comments ... thought I’d finally take the plunge. I’m a ST holder in CBL and go to as many away games as I can. Was at West Brom last Saturday and lucky enough to be off to Fulham on Wednesday. Hoping for 3 points today !
Alright mate you coming over for the qpr game as my nehew is coming from belfast loves the wall, be good for him to meet others from NI
Its a shame div 1 here we come but then again what do you expect we have been playing div 1 football in the championship with div 1 players. Harris does not understand it cant be done.
Drop me a mail at if you ever decide to pop into Manila mate. I'm working most of the time but if I'm free I'll meet up with ya.
Went yesterday - worst game ever seen. The team doesnt look fit - non existant forward line. Fred apparently unplayable - but doesnt make the bench. Two central midfield players too similar - no creativty. Meredith looks shell shocked - doesnt want the ball. Yes O'Brien is terrrible. Too much dependence on cheap players from lower divisions - no premier league young bloods being attracted. Ferguson well below recent
Have a question about the Den, I will visit Millwall - Bolton but want to sit as close as possible to the fanatic fans. Which stand is that? Excuse me for my bad grammer, I'm from the Netherlands.
Thank you in advance
Hello .
Got a message from Mamalion that you passed on your prize the Vip day
Will say a big thank you and a donation for charity will be given

Greeting from us from the other side of the North Sea
hi Ryan, I'm useless with trying to find quality footie links online
could you spare me a couple of mins please advising best way to get or find ifollow, im going to use bing as you suggest also these dreamboxes what are they exactly and what one do you recommend, I wanna fck sky out of my house.
cheers in advance fella

Just see this. Will give you a proper message with details tomorrow!
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Ain’t forgot, just gonna write up a doc with links and stuff!
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Wippa, check out this bloke Christopher Bollyn on you tube. He's written three books: 911 ( the articles), 911 ( the deception that changed the world). And his latest book is The war on terror: plot to rule the Middle East.
He has it sussed - he's done the work and what he's written should be in every school and every library but instead they wont give him air time or newspaper space.
swearing in title threads are not allowed can you delete it please
but I know how you feel