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I been Millwall fan & going Den since 1989. The first season I went most Home games was year we got relegated from top flight. And I been going ever since hoping to see us get back! I have missed many seasons over the years, but been regular season-ticket holder, with my grandson, for last few years.
just a line about the whip round as i am keen as well and we need the contact address of charlie so i give the call to the club.

be nice to get him to the den but depends on his well being however send money so him and his family can sort something out

just a gesture so he knows fellow wall knows what a nice thing hes done

just a line about a whip round for charlie, i have mailed others so hope we can sort something

be nice to get him to the den for a game and of course depends on hiswell being or send someth cash so he can sort something with his family..................... just a gesture to him really

any ideads how to get a contact address of him?
Hello mate, I've only just seen this! apologies.

Is this something we can still do?
hello mate

yes keen to help charlie,trying to think how we can trace him down?

at least we can have a whip round and send it to him and then him and his family can sort something out.

it ould be nice to get him to the den,for a match but how long has he left...............

let me know what you think

Rangers, gutted they lost in the cup.but the title is the important thing mate. Hope you and your loved ones are well and happy. Advanced Merry Christmas and a safe prosperous New year.
It is whiskey. Sister has got my Mum to write me out of her will as I had a row with her 7 weeks ago. Unfortunately my Mum died on Saturday, but for years it was always going to be 50/50 split, now its all going to her family. Need to know what rights I've got. Ironically only me and my sister no other siblings. Sister is extremely narcissistic, Mum had dementia and stroke mental damage.
Here we go.. a newie on Millwall Nth. stand banter.
Will be very particular with my spellings and grammar, as don't want Whisky and Silver on my back!!!
How do I go about ordering 3 of 'The Lion' s King?? Anyone catch the 1974 Millwall v Portsmouth on C4 this morning? And a very handsome Bryan King interview? 👍
Jim somebody on house of fun wants to buy the book but cannot find where to put the code in have you disabled it ?
Definitely not disabled. Apparently it is when you go to checkout, you then see where the code should be entered. Any kind of problem email and she will sort it for you. Thank your friend for me. Jim
Ok mate thanks for the update you should have had a few orders from HOF as a link and thread has been put up on there for you.
Oh, right. More grist to the mill....!!!! Hope he gets the order through OK now. Jim
Hi @FireWall

It's always possible bits and bobs may have been lost during the changes, but I wasn't involved in that, so can't comment with any great knowledge there. More historical posts are still available in MO Gold to the best of my knowledge though.

Alright mate you coming over for the qpr game as my nehew is coming from belfast loves the wall, be good for him to meet others from NI
Its a shame div 1 here we come but then again what do you expect we have been playing div 1 football in the championship with div 1 players. Harris does not understand it cant be done.
Drop me a mail at if you ever decide to pop into Manila mate. I'm working most of the time but if I'm free I'll meet up with ya.