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Stuff like that will just cause trouble within the dressing room. People like Romeo (& others who perhaps want to take part) being told by the majority of the team not to take part, are probably spitting feathers that a loanee has taken it into his own hands to do so.

Zahore, 2 goals all season? thanks but ta la. Enjoy your relegation battle with fat Sam.


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We do but because of all the agro regarding
the kneeling and the backlash the fans got make no mistake he knows exactly what he’s doing, he is giving us the supporters the fingers.
Yeh I see the point but this is millwall. If Kenneth believes in the symbolism of taking the knee to put an end to racism he should fucking well do it. I don’t any player turning out for wall if he believes in something and stops doing it due to public pressure. Play for palace if you’re that easily cowed. I don’t associate the knee solely with BLM, I think bods do it to highlight racism


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I am trying so hard to keep my new year resolution and not get sucked into these debates but fuck it

surely the self righteous virtue signalling pricks can see that by demonising a whole race of people is wrong (whatever the skin pigmentation of the race being demonised)

I am sick to the back teeth of being told what to think and how to behave by jumped up little pricks.

I had the privilege of growing up in a diverse community and had a broad spectrum of friends that has enriched the way I think about things

if anyone tries to tell me that I am a racist and the UK is racist they can go fuck themselves

thankfully we have evolved as a society and the behaviours of people in the 70’s and 80’s is not the behaviour today

how many people on this site alone have families that are culturally mixed?

its a fucking joke that people are being sucked into this identity politics bollocks and why the fuck should I be judged by my skin pigmentation and be made accountable for things that happened outside my lifetime

if you want to live in a communist country there are plenty around the world go live there

if you hate people with pink skin pigmentation then fuck off to a country that has no one with that skin pigmentation there are plenty of them seeing though there are only 770 million with pink skin pigmentation people out of 7 billion people

identity politics is a disgusting thing that is instigated to divide and conquer if anyone is thick enough to believe in that bollocks then shame on you

but don’t pigeon hole me coz your beliefs and narrative don’t agree with my own

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It has to be an individual
Seem to get on with the job he is paid to do . But did not take the knee in the cup game Saturday like everyone else . Probably a pattern here other Championship teams stitching us up . Bournemouth have a few blacks in there team mabee they hold the majority vote . See what happens when Watford come to the Den

Agree, mate, and that's what crossed my mind.
A bit odd, because he didn't do it on Saturday.

Maybe, Millwall Jeff had a word in his ear before kick off.

Kryan Bing

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Fuck him off,another bad egg needs to be fucked off right now. He can take Romeo with him.

I wasn't insinuating I agree with BLM (because I don't). I said it was a 'bit odd', (after all, he didn't do it on Saturday). If it was an individual decision, and he doesn't agree with the club, fine, he will be gone in a couple of weeks. But, if that's the case, why was he Cherry Picking which game he was doing it in and not doing it before the Cup game? I was just commenting on Vermins' observation about the Black, Bournemouth players. Maybe, as someone else said last night: It was a two fingers up, parting shot.


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You can just rely on a BLM candidate/s at the next GE. Voting will be about colour of the skin and little else. It will have massive implications if not nipped in the bud.
Tradeau wanted 50% women in government for virtue signalling nonsense. Trouble was only 25% of the pool were women resulting in not the best people were selected just purely on their sex. Couldn't say people are intelligent when this is what makes up logic

There is NO positive discrimination, just discrimination.


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I've just read that last night against Bournemouth Zahore joined the Bournemouth players and decided to take the knee, the only millwall player to do so. I'm sorry but we dont want or need this virtue signalling shit at our club, we went through enough shit before Christmas over all this bollocks, so I truly hope this C###S loan.spell isn't renewed this month. Fuck him off back to West brom asap.WANKER.
Agreed. I dunno what taking the knee is supposed to signify as being representative whereas If they all sat down on their arses and smoked a spliff I’d understand it more