Worst accents


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Fife accent. Unintelligible. As the saying goes I would rather be a lifer than a fifer.
Fife...? That's the Queen's English compared to the Doric of around Newpitsligo.

When I worked (virtually lived!) up there on the Dennis Nilsen murder story in the early '80s, an old dear would speak to me and I did well if I understood one in 20 words that she said.

That was something else!


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This new Jafrican pigeon shit that many londoners are now speaking, what the fuck's that all about? blip blop innit blopblipp innit doo blud. These cunts wonder why they can't get past a job interview :hmmm:

Home counties fake posho's

I do like the Welsh accent when spoken by a bird, very soft and sexy.
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On my first tour of NI it took me about a week before I understood what they were saying. The people spoke so fast that I had to keep asking them to slow down. It worked so well, that I now understand every word that you say on here Ulster.
That's strange i understood them straight away and deeply offended i was too.