When the dust settles

john stitch

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Ulster - The old Far Eastern hands in the back of beyond like Sarawak or New Guinea used to catch a blue bottle pull its wings off and let it roam around the the top of your Old Man. Apparently the effect was to say the least sensational and whilst not as good as the real thing satisfied a need
hmmm, might try that with a penguin


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Does it take them lo
I've tried something similar in the bath, but only removing one wing. Poke the old fella up like a periscope, and the bluebottle circles the tip - similar to a greyhound lapping a track. Tip of the day. Acquire 2 bluebottles, remove the passenger side wing from one, and the driver side wing from the other. One will circle clockwise, the other anticlockwise. Alternate for effect.;)
Does it take them long to crash into one another?

Millwall tel

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I’d love to see no cunt on the road like it is now. Got to Harrow on the hill in under an hour both this morning and way home! Happy days!


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I was given a virtual headset for Xmas, you stick your phone in and can download stuff, like films swimming with sharks etc. Quite good, you can look round 360 degrees. I started to wonder if they’d done VR porn, course they fucking have! All good, it’s just the missus gets the right hump if I wear it whilst shagging her.