What age group are we?.

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I've been given my "window", if I behave myself I'll get through afew more mots, if not happy Xmas and a prosperous future to all. I'm being serious for once.ive enjoyed every minute of tearing the backside out of life.ive had a guardian angel for years that borders on spooky but I think they've jacked.
49, 50 in a few months and other than a slightly herniated disc doing ok. Saying that, in agony at Villa last December and the following 4 weeks.
Born Bermondsey, raised in Walworth and lived in Purley for the last 43 years.

Dodgy knee and back from football and London Marathon. Playing 3-4 rounds of golf per week that keeps the weight down and me in reasonable shape.

A 70 year old aided by 9 (nine) different pills per day (fortunately I don't have to pay for them)!

Probably the most enjoyable time of my entire life :thumbup: