Urgent: Bryan King's Signed Book


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Just a quick heads up to remind anyone who is looking for a "signed" copy of Bryan's King's autobiography, The Lions' King, to send an email to publishers Little Hell Books with the personal dedication required.

This has to be done by 5pm this evening.

People who have ordered should already have been made aware of this by email.

But, if you missed the message, you still just have time get the message across and Bryan will sign dedicated signature slips which will be inserted in the book when sent out.

This is a great chance to sort out your Christmas presents for this year, so it is not too late to order an extra copy or two and get them personally dedicated by Bryan.

The discount of 15% using the code ADAM is still valid.

A massive thank you from Bryan and I for the hundreds who have already ordered what i am sure you will find as one of the funniest and most illuminating accounts ever of our beloved Lions. We are both sad that, because of Covid restrictions, Bryan is at the moment unable to travel to the UK to sign the books personally - hence the special slips.

Special Note: Bryan is signing extra slips, but without a dedicated name, that will be inserted by special request into books ordered after 5pm today. If you require Bryan's autograph to accompany his book, then please email us with your order number. It will be a case of first come, first served.


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Bryan’s personalised signature will be sent on a slip like this....


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