Turkey v Italy match thread, 8pm. N/W

Peckham Lion

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If anyones interested. Can't see past the Italians for this one although they have form for being cagey and starting tournaments slowly. Turkey have had a win over Holland and a credible draw against France en route to this competition posting only two losses from there last 14 games. Italy will be looking to extend there unbeaten run under Roberto Mancini of 27 games. Our strong connections with Turkish chaps past and present is a good enough reason for me to want them to win.

Latest odds from Will Hills- Turkey 8/1- Italy 4/9- the draw 3-1.
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Kryan Bing

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Continuing Peckham's busy cunt theme:

They've played each other fifteen times, with Italy winning ten games and five being drawn.

Turkey are due a win against Italy, and they are in good form.
Despite Italy always being hard to beat in the Stadio Olimpico, Rome,
I'm going for the Turks...1-2.

I have noisy, gobby Italian and Turkish friends, so their WhatsApp group should be lively tonight. Might have to poke my nose in there later.


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Ice cream or Turkish delight.
Think I'll plump for the ice cream.
Remember her indoors asking one of the street vendors outside the Troodos monastery in Cyprus once if his sweets were Turkish delights. An international incident was narrowly avoided.
Sometimes her lift doesn't always go to the top floor.

new cross wall

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got a £20 bet with a mate at work that England will do better then turkey
so hope for Italy win
2 good young teams who both know how to defended

0-0 you can see it coming