Tin Foil Hat Time

Bob.B Lion

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Totally agree LM. Been telling people since 2018 big global announcement coming in 2020. I have looked through loads of declassified docs over several years and "2020" came up many times albeit dispersed among thousands of pages. "2020" / "2020Vision" / "XX" / "Ops2020". References to 9/11 and many references to 2084 (the big one).

How to lock down the world in 2 weeks! I mean seriously. It's Orwellian and predicted by so mamy so often over many many years but anyone who questions government info is labelled a conspiracy theorist. One of JFK's last speeches was challenging these secret societies and how it cannot be right that when amyone asks questions they are mocked are out down when that's what true democracy should promote.

There is a under-swell of predictions that this is just the dry run / the practice for the bigger event yet to come - to see how quickly they can shut us down and take away our freedoms and way of life as we know it to make us incresdingly compliant. The New World Order's way forward yo have a one world government - which Brexit and Trump have put a spanner in the works of.

I believe this virus is man made and quite deliberate. I mean how the fuck can this originate in China (I have lived in Hong Kong and have had an office in Central Hong Kong since 1996 and have travelled to mainland China many tines and anyone knows how on top of each other they live and in a perfect breeding ground for such a virus to spread like wild-fire) and yet already they are apparently more on top of it that Europe whilst both Italy and Spain have now had more deaths than China (I know the argument about China's official figures 'n' all that). Makes no sense at all.

Something doesn't add up.

For years we have been subjected to de-sensitisation. Horrific news, off the scale horror on our screens, men encouraged to be in touch with their feminine side, women more like blokes, rise of the LBGT, sexes now expanded beyond M or F to a-sexual, none, etc. Etc., mass immigration to destroy the fabric of the underlying traditional socisl fabric to divide societies - all going in one direction - forced to be massed together and as far as possible to all the same with our national identities (which we were / some of us still are) so proud of - which have become increasingly lost any any questions of this and you're branded a criminal / racist.

So I agree with you LionsMet.

PS you got any room under that tin hat?
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