The 'isolated and need help' thread


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This country has gone to the dogs. Generations have been allowed to get away with murder and not been punished in any meaningful way. No respect for how lucky they are to live in this country. No respect for democracy and a completely self centered compass. They live in a social media bubble mindlessly echoing what they hear. When push comes to shove they behave like feral animals. Sad times indeed.
Yes completely agree, and as I've said many times, thank fuck I'm 72 and havnt got a full life to endure it, course I suppose if I was 17 I may well be the same as them, but I'm not and I think my generation have been so lucky to have been the children of those who fought and died for all our liberties and were taught values and respect, and so sad the disrespect that is being shown now by the disgracefull behaviour of so many.