The Hundred


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Batter not batsman or batswomen. Things like third man are being left up to the Individual but I've not heard It said yet (I can't profess to have listened to their waffle with dedication although I'm sure I heard someone say It's wife up against wife).

Mid on, haha. Like It.
Fanny batter?
A batter is from twatting baseball. 😡


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4 day county cricket as well is a great game.
I occasionally go to lords to see Middlesex. I remember a match a few years v Essex. Middlesex were 70 for 2 at lunch off about 35 overs. And 25 was scored off the first 3 overs. It was good cricket, read the telegraph, had a few beers and had a chat with a mate I met at a previous job. Perfect, quiet days cricket 👍


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I’d heard they were trying out new phrases for this game, like not calling overs, overs. Didn’t think they’d take it further. What’s the fucking point? Years of tradition thrown out, baby and the bath water springs to mind. An abomination.
There are no overs. 10 balls before they swap ends. I'm not sure what It's called. A bowler either has to do the first 5 and then swap or stay for the whole 10. They are only allowed a maximum of 20 balls I believe.