The Den voted joint best Championship ground


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The facilities would score higher if we had a concourse barber shop.
So glad you put a full stop at the end of the sentence, otherwise I'd have thought you missed off the word 'quartet'. Then I would have to hunt you down and give you a slap.


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Millwall has to be one of the best away days going imo...

Just 4 minute train ride from a major London station and surrounded by tube stations within walking distance.

An away fan can have any kind of away day they want...

They could go see Buckingham Place and Big Ben, walk down the Southbank, go drinking around Borough Market or even Covent Garden or Camden... Go on the Bermondsey Beer Mile or pop over and see the Cutty Sark. They can even turn up mob handed with knives and experience a good old fashioned ruck.

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To be fair I don't think Ben's selection counts as a "vote". Mind you it is true I slip him a pint a month as a patreon. Fraud at Polls!


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He lost me when he rated our facilities as 3 out of 5. Either he was In corporate or those tractor boys really do all live on a farm.