The Covid bad news thread N/W


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I’ve just been reading a report from the journalist Tom Newton Dunn that PHE are now saying that with the efficiency of vaccines against serious illness and death around 90% and around 30% of the younger population expected not to take up the offer of a jab then that leaves a significant percentage of the population unprotected against the virus. They are now reportedly taking the stance that it’s not enough with one unnamed senior figure quoted as saying ‘we cannot vaccinate our way out of this’.

That’s well and truly moving the fucking goalposts as far as I’m concerned. In the autumn we were told to look at this as a six month thing and once the elderly and vulnerable are vaccinated then we could look forward to a fairly swift easing of restrictions. I’m even prepared to go along with it a bit longer until early summer just to make sure but then when I read scientists and advisors coming out with how actually it’s not about how many have been immunised but about infection rates I start to think what is the fucking point?

Before we know it we will be autumn again and the SAGE zealots be telling us it’s flu/virus season once more and it’s time for more restrictions again. It feels like this is now the scientists world and we’re just living in it.

Bollocks to this.

According to No. 10 that TND 'quote' is total bollocks. He has form for this kind of thing along with Peston. I would ignore it completely. No doubt it will be mentioned at the news conference.

I would also stress that 'we cannot vaccinate our way out of this' has a number of possible interpretations.

I agree that we can't aim for 'zero Covid' through vaccination.
I would also agree that low vaccination take up among healthcare workers is a huge problem. It might be that masks in hospitals and care homes might have to be worn for a while longer.
We also can't just 'vaccinate our way out of this' in a 'one bound and we're free' kind of way because the majority of the population still haven't been vaccinated. Also, we haven't done the majority of second doses yet which increase the length of the immune response.


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It's now emerged that the 'this' meant 'COVID' and not 'lockdown'. Therefore the source (if there is one) seems to be referring to my first possible explanation. Zero COVID is not going to be achievable through vaccination. This doesn't mean that we're going to have restrictions for ever. COVID will eventually become like an ordinary seasonal flu.


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airports like ghost towns, the aviation industry and all associated business etc?
Could it be possible that the 2 engine failures this week could have something to do with mothballed aircraft?
I don't know, but I'm sure they will look at that.