The cost of a haircut


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Used to go Henry's opposite New X station yonks ago. Did the kids cuts okay back then. There was an Italian barber shop off Lewis Grove in central Lewisham I used a couple of times. Tasty place nudes on the walls, playboy type.


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Me mum used to give me 2/- to get me haircut and I used to go to the evening institute and get it done for nothing.
Funny thing was that the young fellah that practiced on me name Chris finished up cutting me hair for 5/- a few years later in the "SALON" and I had a hair tonic Pashana rub.


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One of the geezers who works In the barbers I go In Is actually a Charlton fan. He's alright as It goes but It Is fun to wind him up. I made sure I went In the week after we beat them to rub It In but I weren't letting him anywhere near me with his clippers.
"Anything for the weekend, sir?"

"Yeah. Another three points off Charton."


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Living up North I pay six quid for a haircut, a old bloke that's been there for years and hasn't changed his prices since I first used him about eight years ago, just recently a couple of 'Traditional Barbers' have opened up with bearded hipster skinny jeans wearing types running them and they start at £9.50 just for a haircut and do the cut throat wet shaves too for a lot more.