The B mob are back!

Kryan Bing

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Even at theirs it was eventful for many a visit
Do you remember the early 80's midweek game at their gaff (0-0)?
I know it is a clichéd phrase but, it really was "like a 'Wall home game".
Not an Anorak in sight and a really weird evening.

Peckham Lion

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As we approach the big cup final, I just hope the North Stand toilets are braced!
Yeah, i can see it going off in there if they lose AGAIN. Hopefully our urinals have the top boys out for this one, could get very nawty indeed. I can see the taps getting a proper slapping!

Peckham Lion

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I like this Anoraks view on the game
Up until Harris left a few weeks ago, I had actually allowed myself to have a few indulgent fantasies about a 0-0 draw or even a 1-1 draw where we equalised late on and therefore felt reasonably happy at the end.

However, they now have a new manager, he used to play for us, we looked a bit average last week, we're missing Taylor and Williams. It's just not gonna happen.

We won't get thrashed, it'll just be a boring 1-0 or 2-0 that we never looked remotely like winning, followed by a tedious wait in the cold before we're allowed to make our way back to civilisation. 2 hours of watching their inbred numpties gurning at us, followed by half an hour of not being able to go for a piss because our numpties have smashed up the gents.

Maybe next year will be our year, but probably not.


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Millwall - Not giving a fuck since 1885

Not lost to the anoraks since 1886

No spotters spotted in our territory since they woke up from their dreams

Believing “Underrated” in Latin means “kicked to death” since 1905

Trouble is they are so just piss it’s difficult to muster any enthusiasm at all to even give them the honour of us even bothering with em. Its the equivalent of bullying a weak child in the playground.

I walked in to the sports bar at Victoria with 2 fellow wall fans and there were 2 tables pushed together of “Chelsea”. They called us out so we threw everything we could get our hands on at em and stormed over and as we flew in they bleeted “no we are palace we don’t want any trouble blah blah blah”. And spotters run from that lot!!

We don’t need our youngsters to step up for these 2 bob wannabes our fuckin junior lionesses shadows could sort them out...

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