That Williams Bloke


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I'll give you your due, you've been consistent for ages with your criticism of Williams so could perhaps give me an explanation of why Harris AND Rowett have consistently picked him?
Harris also constantly picked AOB as well so that's no ringing endorsement!! Our squad is paper thin, and when one of the only alternatives is Leonard it's no wonder he stays in the team!
For me he is far to slow in thought and in deed, slows us down going forward and can't tackle! At 33 he is only gonna get slower, this should be his last season with Mitchell chomping at the bit.


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like a lot of players lets hope GR brings out the best out of them and many need to be given a clean slate to prove themselves
If not he should not have that friendship / Millwall type player mentality
and get rid
It serves well when your in lower leagues but as luton found out today the championship is a differant level and mind sets with players and managers need to change


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He’s told em to move, be available to receive a pass. It makes passing to someone easy.
Basically this is what he’s good at. Especially with our new “passing game” He did it well in the first half Tuesday giving Romeo more options but he plays too many balls backwards so we end up hoofing it upfield anyway. Brilliant goal though so credit where it’s due