Team v Hull


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There are few certainties in life but one certainty this week is there will be changes. AOB’s knee has certainly crocked him until the New Year and maybe Williams is out for a similar amount of time. It has all gone very quiet on the Gregory front which leads me to believe that he is just resting his stomach strain and the club are just monitoring the whole situation.

NH has been training what is left of the squad at Calmont Road, been looking at the U23’s to see if one or two could make the bench. I am sure he has been looking to see who could play up front, who is trying to catch his eye and who might start on Saturday.
At least we don’t appear to have injury or confidence issues in defence. Archer had little to do at Ashton Gate and you couldn’t really blame him for the sliced clearance which led to the own goal. I expect him to start. Romeo offers pace and threat and Conor looks slow by comparison so I think he will take his seat on the bench. Hutch is back to his best, according to NH and I expect him to partner Cooper at the back. I also hope that Jake finds the right net this week to score in! Meredith has pace and energy so I expect him to start.

The issues really come with the rest of the team. It is fine having a small squad but when you get several injuries then your hand is forced about who is available for selection. With that in mind I do expect Skalak to make a rare start on the right. He has been chomping at the bit for a game, has made a return to his national side and if there was ever a chance for him to step up to the plate then this is it. He will need to grab this chance with both hands and show us what he is made of. It is timely that Leonard only was out for one game as he is a certainty to start. The big question is do you put him alongside Teacake or Jem. Both are keen and eager but in truth are just average. Jem has greater experience but is older and does not have the legs anymore. Teacake has the legs and that probably gets him the edge but there is really not much in it. Fergie has claimed the wide left shirt and there is really no option other that to start Lewis White. That seems most unlikely.

Up front will definitely see a new pairing. Morison will have been wrapped in cotton wool all week with plenty of time on the massage table to make sure he can start. The rest of the time he will have been practicing one twos with Jed, his new strike partner. The latter has pace and threat and could be a revelation up front. Let’s hope so.

Sadly I will not be there to see it. A birthday weekend treat in New York beckons and my Millwall mate who works in Wall Street knows where we can watch the game in Manhattan. It will be different! So, no Just Back from me on Saturday and I look forward to reading somebody else’s take on the game. Anybody keen to do it?

So, my thoughts on the team are,

Romeo Hutch Cooper Meredith
Skalak Leonard Teacake Fergie
Morison Jed
Subs Amos McLaughlin Wallace Webster Jem Donovan White
Will be really interesting to see how we get on without Williams in the side, maybe we can get the ball moving around a bit quicker from the midfield with Leonard and teacake in there.
Great analysis silverlion. Totally agree about Skalak. Someone on Lions TV, I think, suggested he "wasn't a Millwall player" so here's a great chance to show us what he can do.

Also agree about the U23s. If not now then when? I think White should play.

Morrison worries me; he's not a 90-minute player any more but I thought he did well at Bristol particularly with the great lay off to Williams for the goal.

This is yet another six-pointer.....


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If according to NH Morison was only 80% fit before the Bristol game then he ended it 10%. It would be ridiculous to play anyone that is'nt 100%. It is what it is and IMO a chance for some fringe and youth to get a shout. 4 1 4 1 for me if Gregory or Morison are'nt fully fit.


Romeo Hutchinson Cooper Meredith


Skalak Leonard Jem Ferguson


Subs: Amos, Webster, Wallace, Donovan, White, Mclaughlin


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I think we will all be surprised, and Gregory will play this week.
I'm not saying he should, but I have a feeling in my water that it will happen.


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I think we will all be surprised, and Gregory will play this week.
I'm not saying he should, but I have a feeling in my water that it will happen.
Hope so, if he does play no way will 442 work,
Romeo Cooper Hutchinson Meredith
Teacake Leonard
Skalak Wallace Ferguson


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i still think he will play williams ,crutches or no, he does not want to ever drop his blue eyed boy, all joking aside, he will not be a major miss
If Gregory and Morison aren't fit enough to play I would go for 451 formation as follows-:
Romeo Hutchinson Cooper Meredith
Skalak Leonard Tunnicliffe Karacan Ferguson

Play the ball to feet and 2 of the inner midfield trio could take in turns to support Wallace.

If Morison or Gregory are fit enough to play then 4411 with Karacan excluded from the above team and one of them up front with Wallace in the slot behind him.


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Romeo Hutchinson Cooper Wallace
Skalak Tunnicliffe Ferguson
Wallace Leonard


I would not chance Morison or Gregory if they are half fit could make things worse in the long run with injury's


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On reading NH's comments today I think he's leaning towards playing both Greg's and Moro even if they are not 100%.Seems a bit reluctant to try a couple of young un's, contradicts himself by saying don't know if they're ready, but they need to play to see if they're good enough!. I say give em a go from the kick off and if you have to replace em last 20 or 25 mins then bring Greg's or Moro on. But my preference would be.
Mclaughlin, Hutchinson, Meredith
Romeo, Leonard, Teacake, Fergie
Skalak, Wallace, White.


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I agree Stowwall that it looks likely that Morison and Gregory might start. You are right to point out that NH’s comments are a tad confusing. In his defence all I would say is that he can judge the situation a lot better than we can and also the both players are honest enough to say whether they are fit to play. Let’s see what happens!


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In the last game, Morison came off injured, yes it was right on 90 minutes but it could have happened anytime during the match, why risk playing a half fit player who may get injured again.
The same for Gregory let him have the extra week to rest.


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In the last game, Morison came off injured, yes it was right on 90 minutes but it could have happened anytime during the match, .
Did he? I was stting on the halfway line and substitution happened right in front of me. He wasn't limping or moving awkwardly.

Looked like a tactical change to me...