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A game we need to use to bounce back from our defeat at Reading. They will be up for it big time and have made a decent start in the Championship so they will be no push overs. However they have injuries and don’t really relish the hostile atmosphere at the Den. We have some illness in the camp too so we will not have a full squad to pick from. GR has been guarded about saying who is sick so there will a bit more guess work that’s normal in my likely team. However, the one certainty....assuming he is not that Bart will wear the gloves. He could do little about either of the Reading goals and made an outstanding save from a flicked header to prevent them scoring three.
I watched Romeo really carefully at Reading and I don’t get the idea that the lad can’t defend. He is no better or worse that any of our back four and he has boundless energy to get up the line to support the attack. For me he is a starter. The same can be said about Hutch and Cooper. They are as solid a pair as you could get at our level. Some question whether Cooper can be useful,now that we don’t launch fifty yard diagonals to their area. He is a decent tall defender who misses little in the air and he can actually pass it to Williams or Molumby to set up an attack. The first debate comes at LB. Murray sticks to his task and was put to the sword by their Yiadom last week. However, neither of their goals can from his poor defending and he is more solid and resolute than Fergie. Honestly, until January he is the best we’ve got so he will start.

Jed must feel as if he is the first name on the team sheet. He has pace and threat and can score so he must start. Molumby and Williams are a decent partnership and mindful that Leonard is crocked until Christmas we have few other options as starters. The next big debate is who plays wide left. Fergie must know his card is marked as he lasted 60 minutes against Stoke and 45 against Reading so Mahoney must take his place against the Trainspotters.

Assuming we play Ben behind the lone striker then Bradshaw must start with him.

My thoughts are,

Romeo Hutch Cooper Wallace
Jed Molumby Williams Mahoney

Subs Steele Pearce McCarthy Fergie Mitchell AOB Bod.

I will be there and will post a Just Back but it might be a bit later than normal. I am involved in a concert at the RFH on Saturday night. Hence, extra rehearsals and writing my thoughts on my iPhone take longer.

Wall loyal

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We got to go at them from the off & go for a early goal as it will get our support going & push us on for the full game so
Romeo Hutchinson Cooper Murray
Wallace Ben Williams Ferguson
Bod Bradshaw


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That was said on Wednesday - you’d like to think these fit young men may have recovered to be at least 90% by 3pm Saturday!
That would surely depend on what the illness was?
I can see why KoJ thinks the medical advice on here is a bit suspect!:grinning:


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Who knows who is sick and whether Moody is right and they might have recovered by then? I am just guessing and might be completely wrong with my team selection.
There is also the issue of mind games and GR has just said that in the hope that Charlton think they are playing a weakened team.
I should have added that the well known pundit who nearly
always gets his predictions wrong.....a certain David Prutton...has us down to win 1-0! Eeeeek!


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Thanks silver
Agreed we do not know who is I’ll
However as we are at home maybe a 3-5-2 formation.
Would like to see Skalak on the bench
Can we go Hutch Cooper wallace
Romeo Thompson molumby Mahoney

Jed bradshaw


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For me the likes of the newer players might not be up for this.

Fergie can be useful in a game that means a lot to us!

I'll be happy with smith and bod up front big tough players!


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I would play 4-1-3-2 tomorrow, mainly because our wing play has been shit for some time, so load it through the centre.

Romeo Hutch Cooper Ferguson
Thommo Wallace Molumby
Bradshaw Smith

I wouldn't normally pick smithy over Bod, but I just fancy Smithy might be a challenge Charlton will struggle with and with all the pace from us in the middle, we don't need smith to run the channels. He could be effective for holding up the ball and bringing Jed and Thommo into attack.


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According to Rowett on NAD it was Pearce who was ill on Tuesday and McCarthy had a bit of an issue too. However, other than Leonard Fielding and Elliot he has a full squad to choose from. Their prediction is,

Possible Millwall starting XI: 4-4-1-1: Bialkowski; Romeo, Hutchinson, Cooper, M Wallace; J Wallace, Molumby, Williams, Mahoney; Thompson; Bradshaw.

They usually get it right!

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