Team Saturday?


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Why Archer ? Amos has done fuck all wrong and i feel safe with him in goal. I said the other week it's refreshing the not hear the Archer is shit posts week in week out, we only need to curb the Harris and Williams are shit posts now :hmmm:


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Eleven at the back. No that’s bollocks, ten upfront, rip them canaries to pieces.COYL None of this negative tactics .ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK
DOH!!!! NO!!!! I said AFTER Silver.....THEN you can make suggestions.....

Come on me out here....I'm losing control:(:(:(:(;)

N.B.Silver always appreciates a hand with the just back reports.....but regarding the team selection thread, well, it is his baby, and he can be a bit precious about it.
There could still be time to change your post above,before he wakes up.:grinning::grinning:
I shall cross this path no more. Note change**Amos in goal


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This thread is a good example of what happens when the mods take their eyes off the balls.

I happen to know that Mama has taken a midweek spa break in an expensive Hertfordshire retreat, and the others are slack beyond belief.
She is having a full body mud treatment, while sipping hibiscus tea as I write this.

Well, you can see the result when she is not here to control anarchy.
You'd better get back soon, Mama, or before we know it someone else will put up the match thread for Saturday!