Tea or coffee


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Hope you are drinking it out of bone China
We're talking about Millwall here. The
Don't like the fucking peel in marmalade
Kev they have all sorts In there. Whisky, gin, rum and champagne marmalades for a start. Quite a few have the peel In but they are so delicate you would hardly notice. They even have one marmalade that was commissioned to celebrate Vice Admiral Lord Nelson's victory at Trafalgar so they have been knocking them out for a few years.


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I have to thank you Stompie. You have solved all my Christmas present problems!!
I am absolutely shit at buying presents, I mean REALLY shit.
So I went on the Fortnum and Mason website. Who would not be delighted by a Fortnum's hamper? AND they deliver to Europe!!
Christmas is sorted without leaving the house! Perfect.

JT Wall........Silence!!
Great shout. I've brought most of my Christmas presents from there for the last few years. I never know what to get so one year I decided on a selection of jams and marmalades and some biscuits as It was convenient and they went down a storm. It's sort of expected of me know that I get certain people a selection from there.

The best bit Is I only need to spend £20 or £30 I don't even need to rap them as I just present them In that famous blue carrier bag and people feel like they are getting something half special.

If your getting stuff delivered may I recommend the tangerine and cardemom marmalade (1,000 times nicer than It sounds) the Old Navy Marmalade (thick or fine cut your choice) and 200/300g of either Assam or Wedding Breakfast loose tea as a treat for yourself In the mornings.

To be fair you can't go wrong with any of their produce but their jams and persevere are very varied, very tasty and are worth a look as well. Don't be put off by the unusual flavours, from my experience they tend to be the best ones.
And don't get fucking clever and say huski chocolate.
The choice is only tea or coffee.
Tea for me.made with tea leafs in a teapot.not fucking shitty tea bags.
Haha! Fuckin' made me laugh this one Kev. How (and why?) do you think to make a discussion out of tea and coffee?

As it happens, tea all day long and I agree, tea leaves in a silver tea pot with a silver tea strainer in a fine bone china cup. Just a touch of sugar to take the edge of any bitterness......and with a few good lines of charlie with a scone, cream and delicate touch of finest home-made strawberry jam to compliment the whole tea - drinking experience I find just finishes it off nicely


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Difficult to find consistently good coffee in Britain. Have to say, from my experience, the coffee in Australia & NZ is consistently excellent (outside of the rural areas). Probably due to the Italian migrants influence. Funny how trends change... Australia was 90% tea drinkers 30 years ago and the specialty tea houses in Paris would give anywhere a run for their money...

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