Swimming back in the day-- Your Memory's

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The wave machine in the swimming baths at the Elephant was the one, the place used to be packed on a Saturday morning with excited kids waiting for this new phenomenon, most of them trying to jib in without paying.
Surperb place, the wave machine and bumpy yellow slide ?. Morning pictures at either the odean or ABC, a swim in the summer, a fuck about on the escalators in the shopping centre, home then Wall.

Peckham Lion

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The health and safety fanatics of today would have a heart attack if they saw what was going on back then.
Indeed. Our childhood antics, knocks and bruises helped toughen us up and helped to instill a degreen of self confidence, something that's sadly missing in many of todays youngsters. Get knocked down, you get bak up again, fall off, you climb back on, you lose at something, made you more determined to win the next time and so on.


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Cant recall the Elephant Pool going to it Tbh

Saturday Morning pictures though at Peckham is still very fresh

Just wow, some of the stuff that went on
Recall one time going there with a family of Brothers The Bonners something was thrown inside and it all went off when one got hit on the back of the head
One of the few times a few came off badly
we even had our own Dyer but he was a frank
I always remember the first time going and the noise pre film was incredible
i did not go as much as many others as i played for my school team and sometimes wall games away

I would love to know now what the films shown were , very flimsy memory of this

Really thought we were living it up and big time Wimpy and Chips after and even a sweet sometimes Rum Barba or something or a ice cream boat

One time with a few black lads and my mate Eddie we some how managed to get a look round the Bouncing Ball club on the other side of the road getting in around the back


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Laurie grove used to have a men only pool if I remember rightly, could u imagine the shit that would cause now 😂😂


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As kids, we'd make our way to Hampstead's men's bathing pond.

We thought it was blokes who worked nights and only had time to swim and sunbathe during the day.

The alarm bells rang when one of them asked if we'd ever seen a grown man naked.

Dave said he'd seen his Uncle Ted naked - but that's how he became to be the owner of a new Reg Harris International.

Anyway, we knew it was time to get ourselves back to Gospel Oak.

Dave stayed on ........... he needed a new pair of panniers!



Before I started school my Nan’s neighbour used to take me to Tower Bridge and, at low tide 😉, take me onto the “beach” 👍

Surreal experience with several cargo ships moored opposite and near London Bridge.

Kennington Park lido or paddling pool 👍 and, if cooler, I had the option of Manor Place Baths 1st Class, 2nd Class or “Small Swim” 5 minutes walk away.

Spoilt for choice 👍
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when you have this type of weather often think back to swimming with mates and some of the fun as a kid
Being New Cross it had to be Lawrie Grove, im sure a few on here have visited in the past

Was not greatly into swimming tbh but off the top of me head and some of the local places i also recall doing a few crawls at

SOUTHWARK PARK The open Pool im sure a few have done a length or more here

PECKHAM Another open one by the park

WOOLWICH Used to be round the back of the Town Hall
When visiting my cousins who lived in Charlton used to sometimes go there , indoor Pool Bit too posh for me ha

ELTHAM Went to Eltham Green so this was the Local

Now im a bit lost , must have been others, Over to you

Lawrie Grove Pics

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Nearly Forgot Another one CHARLTON has a open pool one as well
Went a few times
Funny always seemed to have fizzy drink out of the machines and them sweets Gems Gems ? something like that

Sorry only sex angle i can put on this swimming lark was once at the Grove a Girl pulled my trunks down while in the Pool and at Southwark saw a young lady who lets just say had not had a Brazilian for a while !,,,,
And i was never one of them types who looked under the changing room doors cough officer

Awaits Peeing and floaters story's----- Please no
I learned to swim at Laurie Grove baths.
That photo really took me back to 1966.


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Loved Peter Pool. Was a real treat to go there.
Grange Road baths learned to swim there. Southwark Park lido in the summer holidays. At Mary’s Road baths was another one.