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Re yesterday’s thread about Bromley, I had the misfortune to go to Swanley this afternoon and it makes Bromley look like paradise! If you live in Swanley I’m sorry, no seriously I’m sorry!
I lived In Swanley for 3 years or so until last year. To be fair It really ain't that bad. I understand why you would say that as I did see some sights, but I never once had any trouble (I was living off of what was considered one of the worst roads In north Kent). There was a pub up the road which was once voted the worst In Kent, The Lullinston It was called, but It was all done up before I moved there. It was still a bit of a dive but there was a friendly atmosphere In there. It still had the reputation though and I think Swanley has that In general. It needs a good lick of a paint and a bit of Investment but the people, even though friendly, are very rough around the edges and they don't make It worthwhile.

The trains Into London are pukka which Is why I noticed a few of the poorer middle classes moving In and around the area. They also started to take on a lot of Africans which I never thought I'd see mainly due to the amount of national front and pikeys. But I suppose that's what happens when London coucils price people out.

We even had a KFC.

Ironically I'm now back In Bromley and It Is 100 times nicer.


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Go in the Asda there mate, don’t half make you feel good about yourself having a look at the inbreeds in there!
Oi, I used to live In that ASDA. I would get well out of hand In there of a weekend, loading up on lots of things I didn't need before smoking things I shouldn't have. The KFC would take a pounding on a Sunday afternoon aswell.

I actually still go Into the ASDA when I can as It's the only one near and I do like a lot of their food. It's good value and shits on Tesco's, Morrisons and Sainsburys In my opinion. You have to go for their Extra Special range but It can be worth It.

But your right. You do seems some unfortunate souls lurking the Iles.

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See Cray Wanderers are building a new ground on the A20 tonight. Loads of big banners up, and they must of only recently gone up cos I was through there a couple of weeks back.


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The funny thing is I actually did take a wrong turning earlier on the trip and went up Star Lane instead of Crockenhill Road! Sheds is probably right about St Mary’s Cray top trumping Swanley but I wasn’t brave enough to stop and have a look round
Star Lane has a worse reputation than parts of Liverpool