Stupid corporate sayings


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For me FYI

You can tell me instead of FYI like.. subject title you don't understand so I'm going to tell you once..

FYI the phone number has changed

The number has changed

Same outcome.. but pretentious people justification of I am telling u..

And..I'm going to touch base with HR regarding hoilday entitlement.

I worked in Holborn for 5 years in a consultancy firm and I have heard it all!

Best thing Millwall is the closest to the city of London! City thameslink via peckham rye to sarf berms.. then a walk down.. truthfully I don't know why I didn't just walk the away bit to save a few mins


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[QUOTE="E4CBL, post: 538632,

Take care, it's a jungle out there.[/QUOTE] What if you live in the jungle?

Naval one: One hand for yourself and one for the ship, but when things really go wrong its two hands for yourself and bollocks to the ship.
If Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters they'd still be in business.

Btw - how dare you hold that fuckin door open for me - just because I got my tits trapped in the revolving door yesterday i am capable of opening a fuckin door male chauvenust c*nt
A phrase used by footballers and managers, Millwall included (AOB especially), and often after a half arsed pathetic performance (such as our disgraceful defeat at Bolton last year).

‘We go again.’

No you cunt, how about you pull your finger out and concentrate on the task in hand, otherwise the only place you can ‘go again’ is the fucking job centre.