Stupid corporate sayings

Kryan Bing

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Dare I even ask what the bloody hell you were researching when you discovered this? On second thoughts.... Do you still spend your da sitting in a darkened room in front of a computer with your trousers round your ankles?
Nope, no time for shanigans in a darkened room, I have work to do from home.
But, you do tend make things easy, mate.
Google Ulster Lion & No quality control.... and Bob's yer uncle.**


Guernsey Wall

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Part of the reason I got out of the corporate world.. If one more cunt said 'Going Forward' to me I would have sliced him/her... Why not say I haven't fkin done it!

Having a team of 16..most of them Millennials... I could not take it anymore.. I wanted to sack half of them, but my director wouldn't let me.

So I thought fck it, lets get my own business and away from this stupid corporate world...

Despite taking a sizeable wage drop, I'm 100 times happier now, don't know how anyone can put up with the corporate shit nowadays.
Sounds like a win-win Tel


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One that really grates me is:

I've signed this off .


"On my Watch ".

They've never stood a Watch in their lives. They'd probably shut themselves if they did.
Some nautical ones from my past....
Those stood too, stand too.
Those stood by, stand by.
And those stood down. Standby to stand too.

Take care, it's a jungle out there.