Stupid corporate sayings


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Part of the reason I got out of the corporate world.. If one more cunt said 'Going Forward' to me I would have sliced him/her... Why not say I haven't fkin done it!

Having a team of 16..most of them Millennials... I could not take it anymore.. I wanted to sack half of them, but my director wouldn't let me.

So I thought fck it, lets get my own business and away from this stupid corporate world...

Despite taking a sizeable wage drop, I'm 100 times happier now, don't know how anyone can put up with the corporate shit nowadays.

zak attack

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Just don't have the headspace to take this on

Let's schedule a time to touch base to take a deep dive into the data dump

Been super busy but starting to gain traction on this and getting my ducks in a row

Is just some that ive heard today alone. Everyone of these cunts should be tortured. Cunts.

Any other examples?
That's unparalleled, state-of-the art, best-of-breed quality, mate.


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Very well aware of the corporate sayings stated in other posts.
Another one which comes to mind is you need to think outside of the box.
I decided to retire last year aged 60 yes do get bored now and again but when I think about my Financial controller position and the hamster on the wheel month in month out how boring started work at 16 years old so 44 years of accounting.