Still think boris & his expertz got it right ?

The German Herman

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Another 1200 died today. What's great job your bumbling idiot is doing. with a bit of might bump into him over at West ham on his bike. God help us......where as the real.working class Londoners gone......never knew a blue nose in Bermondsey growing you are contaminating the last real.part of london....shame on the lot of you forgotten your roots
Last post on this subject as it like talking to a very thick brick wall.....go to a covid ward and see what his useless actions & advice as resulted too
And it's all the fault of Boris, You are correct about never knowing a Tory growing up, My parents would spin in there grave if they knew there 3 children voted Tory at the last election, Ask yourself why the working class deserted Labour, It's because they deserted us, Towns in the North where the Conservative party lost there deposit in the past, Couldn't vote for a party led by Corbyn, Now we have Starmer who took the knee for BLM why would working class Londoner's vote for that cunt, I agree you shouldn't comment again your an embarrassment.


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The I love Boris bandwagon as woken up......80,000 dead mate..... Over 30 ,000 in hospital....and it's not this blundering government fault....please explain to those who have lost unnesserery lives due to too little much too late on who,s to blame.......the man. Is way out of his depth and it week at people their lives.....could not care who,s in charge only that person is capable of during the right thing at the right time Boris is not that man
Everyone is way out of their depth. This is a world wide unprecedented event. We now have a 3rd variant in South America and there will no doubt be others. You have no idea how hard we are working to keep up with these changes. I have been in full time from the start of this and it its hard enough without people dissing those trying to sort the cluster f**k out while risking their own families having to travel on public transport every day.