Southgate saying England fans are thick


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Rod Liddle on Southgate in today's Spectator (best viewed in Firefox)

Does Firefox avoid the need for subscription then EVO?


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Bit the bullet and purchased tickets to watch Scotland and Croatia at the Den

that way I can proudly sing the national anthem and boo to my hearts content just before kickoff

battling with my head for a few weeks means I will have to watch the first game with the sound down and leave the room at kick off as I missed the boat watching it at Millwall

however I cannot get my head around how bunch of overpaid virtue signalling wankers taking the knee while Scotland stand tall and proud.

let’s hope the wankers see sense before Sunday kick off

Peckham Lion

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We got a couple of spares off a Wacker youth for Sunday. Anyone got any messages that i can pass on to Lurch for them?


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Watching this load of Shit we must be. Mainly female pundits, mainly black male pundits where a male in site. Very representative of the working mans game I must say


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I was talking to two older women when I was out walking the dog this morning and was slight amazed when they weighed in about the 'Taking the knee' shit as well. Both properly against it, both of them were under the impression it was to do with Floyd's death rather than anything else and therefore could see a) what it had to do with this country and b) why it was in football. They asked me if I'd be booing. "Fucking too right I will!"


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True England supporters are thick..... thick skinned with long memories and a need to inflict savage attacks every now and then. Remember that you so called footballing educators when in a few years time your filling up your motor on a cold dark night