Some News Reguarding Personal Preventative Measures.


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Please be aware that this Is not scientifically proven but It Is being discussed In hospitals and It Is worth reading, even If It appears longwinded.

I have just spoken to my Mother who Is a midwife and we were talking about several things about the Infection when she mentioned that hot drinks are a possible way of cleansing the system. This Information has been doing the rounds on Facebook (and normally that's enough not to pay any attention to It) but now nurses and such are sharing this advice.

It seems that hot drinks may be a way of flushing Covid-19 out of your system. Obviously, If the Infection has taken hold and you're going through the motions then this won't help, but If you are just carrying the germs It could make all the difference. From what I gather, the Infectious germs can't survive above 55 degrees Celsius so by drinking hot drinks regularly, It Is believed that It may flush the Covid-19 from the nasal cavity and throat Into the stomach where the acids will kill off the Infection as It can't survive In there.

I was told that It doesn't have to be large quantities of hot liquids as only a mouthful or two every half hour can make all the difference. No specific study or test has been set up yet as far as my Mum Is aware to prove this really does work but their Is evidence to suggest that It might and It Is being given as advice.

Please don't fill up a flask and go for an adventure based on this Information, (for any Charlton fans reading that also Included making sandwiches to go with your Thermos. Save your bread your best mates at the pond will be hungry soon), because that ain't going to help. But tea helped us build an empire and It may just help you stay healthy.

If nothing more, what better way to keep the wife on her toes than to regularly keep the kettle topped up.

Again I must stress that this Is not scientifically proven but It's not the worst bit of advice you will ever hear.

I was also told that the Covid-19 germs are showing to have more resistance to metal surfaces so you should make sure to avoid touching them In public and give them a good disinfectant In your home.


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So why can't they use stomach acids as a vaccine?
Fuck knows mate, I'm only a doctor when I tell birds I need to Inspect their chests or give them a gynaecology exam.

I was just relaying what I was told this morning. My Mum works at a hospital and Is contact with enough people, especially at a time like this. Everyone In the health service Is pulling together and a lot of the old restrictions have been lifted giving them more freedom and direct communication allowing them to do what they need to do and this Is something that they are hearing.

I just thought It's something people should know on here, I like to look out for you lot. Most of you anyway. If It turns out to be just this, then In terms of obscure and devious false cures and remedies, drinking more tea and coffee Is not on par with the ridiculousness of smearing yourself with excrement or the drinking of arsenic which was done during the bubonic plague. It Is something that we can all easily do more off and won't harm people trying It If they want to.
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always make fresh tea with loose Assam, have done for years and plenty of it.

i'm 98 and going to run a marathon :)....... serious about tea drinking though.


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Unfortunately not true. But drinking hot drinks with honey,lemon, turmeric etc. can help your immune system but won’t help against Covid.


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Marvellous stuff if you have an infection, 2 spoons into warm water and neck it.
It's meant to be really good for the brain aswell and some reckon you should take It every day.

I think old Bruce Forsyth would have some every morning and It didn't do him any harm.
Unless of course It was that that killed him.

Peckham, try the fresh root turmeric. I haven't myself (although I have been meaning to In cooking) but It Is meant to be even better for you than the powdered form.