Sh.t Scott’s


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Despite what they say they cannot survive without us. Don't even mention oil. It is nowhere near the required level to support an independent Scotland. I wonder how the separtists would react if it had been a decision against a Scottish Premier?


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I thought by the header for this thread that Frank’s missus served him a crap bowl of porage this morning.

I wouldn’t get you knickers in a twist about this. It was always going to the Supreme Court in any instance for a definitive decision. If these SNP, Labour and Lib Dem’s had lost today they were always taking it higher on appeal. Similarly the two other cases in England and NI being brought to Court mean fxck all, they would also (regardless of outcome) be appealed to the Supreme Court by the losers.

It was stated last week that all three appeals will be heard as one and 12 Supreme Court judges will decide next week.


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And there was I thinking that this thread was all about the tartan army who were outclassed again on the football field. If you really want to support a complete bunch of international no hopers then this is the team for you. They were truly awful against the Russians. One up after ten minutes and then concede two to lose at Hamden Park.
Then they take on the might of Belgium who are a decent side. Even without Hazard they put three past our sweaty friends and add a fourth late on to completely thrash them. And then the manager comes up with the quote of the day when he says he has to find a solution. I am sure there are many on here who could come up with a few suggestions.
Thank you loyal jocks but that little Jimmie Krankie cnut makes me sick. I didn't think I could hate someone's face more than Alex Salmond but!!!!
I'd cut Scotland off tomorrow WITHOUT any help to be independent. But oh no, the cnut dwarf, wouldn't want that. She'd want independence with support from England. How the fcuk does that work? Cake and eat it!! Err, wait a minute, just like the EU!!!