Sadiq Khan


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Watched the news. He has reported on what's happened.
Not a single mention of what hes done, or going to do.
Anyone witnessed any of his fantastic leadership?


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From what I have read he has cut services by 50% because of staff sickness 20%. His maths are obviously as bad as Dianne Abbott's.
as far as I know you only have a driver on a tube train so how does it matter if you have 4 coaches or 8. No more staff required ....or am I missing something ?

westlion 2

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Should make the buses at least free to key workers to & from work and put more carriages on the tubes ....don't need to be a genius to work out .....less carriages more congestion .....
mate DC lines cant put more carriages as the power will not take it, and platforms not big enough it needs more trains