Quotes from the Charlton no life forum


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He are some of the quotes from their cringeworthy "Something nice happened today the world really is a good place thread"

the rest of the posts on the thread are about their kids who all seem a little backwards.

Today, I had an impromptu picnic in the park. I nipped into a sandwich shop and bought a beautiful sun-blushed tomato and mozzarella panini and ate it in the park.

I saw a baby robin

Saved a dehydrated hedgehog this afternoon. It visited the pond for water and then collapsed. My other half moved it away from the edge, put down some food and fresh water. 1 hour later he was trundling about. Happy hog, happy household!

I saved a bumble bee.

Went and got a little bit of water for it to dip its legs into and then picked it up on a leaf before placing it gently onto a flower. Watched it do its business for a short time before it began to buzz solidly, flap its wings and fly off.

I bothered to cook tonight and turned out a most fabulous apricot and pecan tarte tatin.

We’re both on top of the world. Our medical centre has just phoned with appointments for our first and follow-up Pfizer jabs. We were promised them by the end of the month but doubted the appointments would happen.
Please tell me you made that up...

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