Question time tonight from Dulwich

Never seen so many poppies worn than they do in Canada. Absolutely brilliant.
Hmmm... Funny that when you consider the different demographic between our once great country and Canada isn't it whisky? What are you trying to say? OK I know... Its quite difficult to get in a truck from calais that'll end up in Toronto...
I have got the sick bag at the ready in anticipation of what will happen
at around 10.30 tonight, so the answer to your question is a resounding NO!!!
I'm not making this up:

When Dimbleby was introducing all the panel everyone, bar Abbott, sat back and looked at the camera.
Abbott, curiously, was scribbling on a bit of paper. What's the betting she was writing 'name - Diane Abbott'.
Honestly you couldn't make it up! :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
Lots of non poppy wearing people on the panel and audience tonight at least she's got one on i give her that.
To be fair mate I wouldn't judge on that. Between riding a motorbike, going to work, and maybe a cheeky one in the evening I probably wear 3 different tops. I am constantly losing poppies as I prefer the paper ones to the badges, simply because when my old man impressed how important remembrance day was on me paper ones are all you could get. I thought it went posh when you got a green paper leaf with it let alone an enamel badge! But I digress... I've lost two already this year and bought three. I often catch myself out without a poppy either cos I've put another jacket on or lost the bloody thing. It's funny though cos if I look down at my chest and see that my poppy is missing at this time of year I always feel a little ashamed - even though unwarranted.
Not wearing a poppy is much different to refusing to wear a poppy, is, I guess, the point that I'm rambling towards...