Plod tweeting just now about the Wall v Everton turnout


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I hope the case collapses, a bit of a barney for a couple of minutes between like minded fans and the only casualty was a wrong 'un getting a mars bar across his boat, it is not worth the time and money.
No way unfortunately mate. People will get big bird for this.


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That i dont doubt.but surely gang warfare should be higher on plods list to sort rather than a bit of a tear up
The fact it’s taken plod over two years to have a look into this suggests gang war fare probably is higher on the list, They were out fighting each other, with knives, unpopular opinion I know but they must be punished

Ulster Lion

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Pity they wouldn't just throw it all out because it's not in the public interest to prosecute our lads. Hopefully the scouse zipper head will get done big time for having a weapon, and instead of no doubt crying for compo, will get his proper punishment.