Petrol and diesel RIP


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One thing I will say... the anti nuclear mob in the 1980s did more than most to keep us hooked up on dirty fossil fuels than anybody. Completely misguided do-gooddry!

Anyway, you’d like to think that they will now go full steam ahead with wind and wave power... we have plenty enough to power the country alongside nuclear power stations. Although I will bow to superior knowledge on that...
In hindsight that would appear to be true about nuclear power. However, nuclear and uranium storage technology is now light years ahead of what it was in the 80's. I don't think anyone back then should make any apologies for resisting it on safety grounds. These days, however, nuclear power is a much more viable option. The problem that many see with it is that the information flow is controlled by governments and the subsequent lack of transparency. Just makes you wonder how much covering up would go on and how they'd all (governments) close ranks on safety breaches and whiste blowers etc....


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Alexa is the worst thing going. Fuck knows why anyone would pay Amazon to bug their household and advertise within it
I was given Alexa for Christmas a couple of years ago. At the time I also had Amazon prime so supposedly had access to 1000’s of songs free of charge. Only to be charged an additional charge of £3.99 each month. When I queried it with Amazon, they said not all of the songs requested ( by my boy) were covered under the free umbrella. It was swiftly chucked in the bin.