Our best 'Foreign' signing?


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Exclude Cahill as from recollection no fee was involved? But who has been our best signing (fee paid) in terms of performance and impact?


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Case of Stella

He was my first instinctive choice, but looking at it again we also had Branagan and Davison at the time who were both good keepers. His signing wasn't a massive upgrade. Did Abdou make more of an impact? He wasn't nearly as good a player, but perhaps he added more to the team? Yuran was a better player than them both but made no impact whatsoever!


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Toss up between Abdou and Joe Haverty, in my opinion. Joe was Irish international signed from Blackburn. Great ,skilful left winger.
If you are going down the Irish route, Charlie Hurley, surely...

Or, if you are going further back, Tom Brolly and his Scottish partner-in-crime "Chisel" Forsyth helped form one of the greatest half-back lines in the club's history.