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…..I know, but Fat Dan was at yesterday’s game V Fulham.

There is another post that gave the OS review of the game, but they aren’t going to be exactly unbiased, so thought I’d give you Fat Dan’s review, which basically told it as it was:

Team that started was:

Bart, M. Wallace (left), Hutch (centre), Ballard (right), Malone (LWB), McNamara (RWB), Evans, Billy Mitchell (CM), Thompson (more forward), Smith, Afobe (Forwards).

Said the game was competitive, with tackles flying in. We started brilliantly and pressed very high, winning balls back and we were the better side in that 1st half!

Ballard looked very confident on the ball, Billy Mitch pulling the strings in midfield - went deep as when needed but also went forward well. Malone was brilliant, getting down the wing, so confident on the ball and putting in a number of good crosses, and tested the keeper with a right footed shot! Thompson was playing his socks off in a more forward role!

Goal came from a corner. Ball was floated to the back post, Ballard pulled away from his marker and headed it into the roof of the net!

All but two players played well - the two who didn’t were Evans and Afobe. Evans constantly gave the ball away and constantly made many fouls, one of which he was booked for! Afobe (like Evans), was miles out of his depth, and looked truly awful! He’s not a big man, not a target player and not someone who is going to pull away from players and score goals with pace! He also didn’t stop giving the ball away and defenders were cutting in front of him and taking the ball off him - he just looked lost!

2nd half started with no changes. Fulham equalised when one of their players knocked Afobe off the ball, passed it to Kamala who, 25 yards out, hit a shot which Bart should have saved, but his feet were rooted to the spot and the ball went into the inside netting of the goal. From that moment onwards, Fulham popped us to death and our players could not get the ball for the rest of the 2nd half.

Changes were made when Cooper came on at CB, M. Wallace went to left/wing back and Malone went off! On came Alex Mitchell, Burey, Mahoney, Pearce, Romeo and Leonard. Billy Mitch went off with a nose bleed and was replaced by Sean O’Brien for the last 15 minutes.

Missing was Keff, Jed, Bradshaw, Bod, Bennett.

Fat Dan reckons Smith played well, but neither he nor Afobe got any proper service! He also thinks we have enough players to put out a Millwall A team and a Millwall B team every other week, but thinks we need less players but desperate for a goal scorer.

Good that Malone and Billy Mitch have carried on playing as well as they did at the end of last season, but if it’s true what he says about Afobe, then that’s a big worry! It seems that Rowett may have bought a pup as he did when he brought Zahore on loan to the club!

Think we need to get Bod sold to someone, so as to free up wages and bring in a proven Championship goal scorer!


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Our strikers not getting any service is probably because we don’t play with a link man in the middle and we don’t set up with our forwards in mind. Can only ever play Smith if he’s got service from wide and someone with a bit of energy beside him to mop up anything loose and retain the ball.

Afobe has quality and has proven it at this level before. I think his will be a case of taking time to warm himself back up in to it so might have to be patient. I don’t think anyone expected him to hit the ground running necessarily.

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