New attorney General = NW


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Suella Braverman, a passionate Brexiter who has threatened to “take back control” from an interfering judiciary, is Boris Johnson’s surprise appointment as attorney general – the government’s most senior legal adviser.

Two weeks ago, the MP for Fareham published a searing attack on human rights litigation and the overuse of judicial review challenges on the Conservative Home website; a political stance likely to have found favour with No 10 insiders.

Born and raised in north-west London, Braverman’s parents moved to the UK in the 1960s from Kenya and Mauritius.
Go get em :tank: and while your at it sort those sadoes still waving EU flags outside parliament Hitting Hitting Hitting


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Talk is cheap& easy ....Actions speak louder then words......let's see IF anything changes.....need to before it is really too late


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The outgoing G.Cox made a speech in Parliament on Brexit thelikes of which will never be heard again.