name the club.........................


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1)Which club has spent the most seasons in the Championship since the Premier League was formed without ever being in the Premier League?

2)Of the 45 or so clubs who have never been in the Premier League, which one has the largest average attendance?

The answer in both cases is the same.


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i thought it was us....but second thoughts probably Brizzle as they have bigger crowds than us


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It's Millwall.

18 seasons in the Championship.

On the second point, Brizzle have a call: but our attendances have been better than theirs of late.
I just had a google, their average attendance for last season was 17k but that might have included a couple of games with restricted numbers. The two seasons before that in the championship were over 20k.


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Fuck me...!! Ten minutes between question and answer. I've only just stopped working for the day....

Give us a chance....!!!

I agree mate; I've only just read the question!

So, do we have a definitive answer, or are we just stabbing blindly at Championship clubs?

I now understand why The Spectator readership is shrinking year on year.


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