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Coronavirus case arrived by Uber and walked into A&E on Sunday, 9th of February.

Meanwhile in China the situation is so bad they have quarantined 60 million people, about the entire population of the UK. How infectious is it? Case doubling time down to 2.4 days, and R0 is 4.7-6.6. (One case infects 4 to 6 other people.) according to a lab in Los Alamos.

For comparison:

VirusCase Fatality Rate (%)R0
Avian H7N9 (2013)40<1
H1N1 (2009)0.031.2∼1.6
H1N1 (1918)31.4∼3.8
Measles Virus0.312∼18
Ebola Virus702.3
Small Pox Virus175∼7

A paper coming out of Imperial College London shortly is likely to put the death rates per case as follows:

Severe Cases: 18%
Mild Cases: 1-5%
Average: 1%
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