Most hated animal - can't be wasps - nw

Axholme Lion

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For sheer closeness with a non-human animal: a parrot.

Mine either thinks he is human, or that I am fellow parrot. But we communicate in a way that staggers visitors to my home. We even sometimes begin the same whistle at exactly the same moment.

I know what he is thinking. He makes it obvious he knows what I am thinking.

If I have a visitor and he has seen them through the window, from the call he makes, or how he makes it, I know exactly who it is on the other side of the door. Once, I was wrapping a friend's Christmas present. My little mate made a whistle that meant it was that person coming down the steps. A knock on the door. I stayed silent and pretended I wasn't in: to open the door would have spoiled the surprise. A few moments later I looked out of the corner of a window...and yes, there was that very person marching away, as my parrot had warned.

It is all quite uncanny to those who witness it. But to me and Percy, absolutely natural.
Parrots are amazing. Where my Mrs used to work one of the blokes used to bring in an African Grey (also called Percy) a couple of times a week. He used to imitate the phone ringing and also a lot of the stuff she used to say when answering the phone. She said that him imitating her showed who did all the work! He also enjoyed eating pens.

E18 wall

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Spot on a cat that bonds connects at another level - a level a dog can't do. Can a dog play the wink game?

We stare up close into each other's eyes for a few seconds.

I then wink my left eye once. She winks her right eye once.
I then wink my left eye twice: she winks her right eye twice

Then I switch and wink my right eye twice: she winks her left eye twice.

Try that with a dog.
Agreed I tried it with a few dogs at the cats whiskers, they should have been put down to,but you know beer in brains they say a pussy a pussy.