Millwall old Team picture


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why unlike the other site cant you post any size picture just out of interest on here?
Always get "file to large"

You can just copy and paste and put it on, no going into your saved pictures etc
Was just wondering why this was so and different

"Oops! We ran into some problems.
The uploaded file is too large."


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Nicked off of a old millwall supporters page online
Mid 50s ?
Not one ive seen any info
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If you want to upload photos (of any size) on this site use the filling method....

1. Use web site, you don’t need to join or anything.

2. Press choose image(s)



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Heard from a mate yesterday that the photo was taken in October 1957. The
match is against the Isthmian League XI. The majority in the photo are players and officials of the Isthmian League. Ray Brand is in the photo and so is John Shepherd, the only Millwall players he could recognise.


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Rotherwall. I thought Millwall ?? Only Brand and Johnny Sheppard I recognisedgawdk ows the others but never followed Isth.ia. League.