McClean with a poppy

All weston Europeans are the same were called Aryans wy the fuck we keep killing and hating anther is bollox stand United fuck European union and fuck conservatives and fuck Labour :Fingers::smoke:

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I wonder if he is aware of his fellow Irishman's sacrifice in both World Wars. It appears the penny has dropped if the photo displaying the Poppy is kosher.
That's the funny thing about him not wearing the poppy. It's showing a lack of regard for the soldiers(some Irish) who fought Hitler or the soldiers who got their legs blown off in Afghanistan, ordinary lads who put life and limb on the line for their country, lads who earn a lot less than McClean gets paid. Even if he doesn't want to wear a poppy, surely there's some gesture he could make, like maybe donating some of his salary to a charity for injured soldiers?

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