Match thread WBA v Millwall

Molumby is quality in midfield and you can see this by how rapidly he moves the ball on to the next player. He knows the situation, judges well and has the technical skill to take advantage.

During the amazing play where the keeper made the double save, Molumby looked unhappy with Jiří. Molumby was right in front of an open goal, but I don't think he appreciated at the time how pressured and fluid the play was for Skalák. His focus had narrowed so much, he had no more time to appraise Molumby's position by then.

That side was so talented and exciting to watch, I would be quite happy to see it alternated with the team that opened the season. Böð was making things happen. Skalák was creating terrific opportunities. McCarthy was confident and clearing the ball nicely up the wing. Aiden wasn't tired. Bradshaw now has a score and will demand more. The whole squad will be rocking.

Why does Chopper have the wingers switching sides? Is that so they develop more flexibility as players, so they can be used on either flank?
The reason for swapping is to give the opponent something more and different to think about. Defenders are never happier when they can predict what the opponent is going to do, they can anticipate and clear the danger; the wingers changing sides keeps them guessing!

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