Match thread Stoke v Millwall KO 3pm Tomorrow


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Ahemmmm! At 32 minutes on post number 26 I wrote this with the score at 0-0:

Take Zohore off NOW.

Put Dutch on. Shore up the midfield.

Ni balance ti thus side whatsoever.

So I'll take responsibility for this win, if you din't mind! Obviously the manager saw it at half time and acted upon it.

I was pretty amazed when I saw Zahore in the starting line up, to be honest as the Jed/Bennett partnership had been looking useful in recent weeks.

Thought that second half performance was our best if the season. Stoke didn't get a sniff. In the end we deserved the win.

Murray Man of the Match. Brilliant performance.

Mitchell second half was also excellent, obviously much mire confident in having Dutch beside him.

I thought our second half team looked an excellent unit. First time Evans and Dutch have played together and they controlled things.

Very satisfying.

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I would rather see Evans moved to centre back in place of Pearce because he is a liability in defence. Kief, Woods and Billy in midfield and Jed and Bennett up front as they have for the last few games. Put Zohore on the bench.
Danny Evans Cooper Murray Malone
Kief Woods Billy
Jed Bennett


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Stoke fans don't seem too impressed with the commentators either. From the Oatcake forum:

"The Radio Stoke commentary is absolutely dreadful! It is frustrating being down to Milwall but Denis and Mr Johnson are embarassing and surely must retire after this season if not this game!"


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Some surprising results at the bottom of the lge today Rotherham losing 0-3 home to Wycombe
And Cardiff 0-3 down at half time (game being played now) to the bottom side Sheffield weds
Cant believe Barnsley up there , only last season on the last day seconds from going down


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only saw last 20 mins as I was playing golf. But what I saw in our midfield was what we have been crying out for all season. Looked solid with the dutchman and billy getting tackles in further up the pitch and evans picking up loose balls.