Match Thread Millwall v Fulham


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What was their 18 (Harry Arter)) like. Complained the whole match, should have gone, but escaped with a booking. Trying to influence the referee all night. Still, he got a proper cunting when leaving the field by the CBL and the west. Absolute prick and a dog average player.


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When he left the pitch giving the ref all that abuse, he deserved a second yellow.
It would have served the prick right, as technically, the substitution had not been made and they would have been down to 10.
He had no reason whatsoever to abuse the ref like that, or even complain. The ref was simply following the rules.


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How Sky made a Fulham player MoM I do not know. Apart from Jed and Molumby who was fairly quiet all our player put in a shift. Murray, Woods or Bod especially stood out and any one of them should have been MoM