Match Thread Millwall v Fulham

Ulster Lion

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Can't fault the lads workrate. Fitness has improved massively . Look like a totally different side to Sunday, but Jed could do with popping a valium before a game. Felt that the 3 points were ours for the taking, especially with Bod and Brad playing well together. Don't think any of us could be too unhappy with the performance..... Oh, and Arter is a moany cunt.


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Think you forgot about the players they have to work with. We deffo need a good few out in the summer as it has been embarrassing the last few games with so many long balls played.
You can tell that molumby very quiet. Wish I could say Jed Wallace mom, but no the other Wallace. Steady Eddie not big time Charlie with loads of piss poor flicks. Leaves Romeo stranded too often


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Well done Wall , proud of you tonight ,all worked hard , BOD worked his socks off fair play to him , Jed still our only skillful threat ,but ,well ya all know his decision making and getting caught trying to do it all is begining to piss us off and reason he aint worth 5mil . Woods classy just too much defending or no one to play to for him to shine ,will be a very good singing if we can get him , Murry i know he has been skinned at times but playing as a CB out on the wing back position has done very well over the season and when we buy a LB he will fit in nicely at CB.


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Battling performance, just highlighted our lack of composure all over the pitch and lack of quality upfront.
Can't fault the effort though, Bod ran his socks off Marlon did well as did Hutch. Not sure what is wrong with Wallace.
Well worth at least a point,although nearly got undone at the near post AGAIN at the end.
Ref certainly evened up the decisions second half, and 99% of refs would have let a team take the free kick at the end before blowing.
And still sky cunts going on about our goal. Give it fucking up.
Move onto Preston. COYL


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Don't know what the fuck happened second half to both teams. If we had kept the same intensity as the first half we would have won, but hard to maintain that level of performance for an entire game. They were happy to take a point and so were we. Bradshaw was disappointing but he didn't get a lot of service. When Bradshaw plays I think we'd look better with Smith and when Smith plays I think we'd look better with Bradshaw. Smith seems to offer more goal threat but he is a passenger when we need to be energetic. Jed has been poor for a while now. He really can be brainless and desperately lacks composure, yet five or six games ago he was playing like Ronaldo. A much better performance though against a team that has spent big money and will get 100 points (copyright Mr N Harris), And if you think that is a dig against our former manager then you are fucking right. It was.