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Regardless of the opposition being a local rival, this is a time when we need to start looking up the table and this the type of team we need to beat. We’ve always been good at beating the top sides at The Den and that bought Harris a lot of credit, but let’s put the average ones to the sword too.

According to the BBC they let teams have a lot of shots at them and have had very few in reply. So, it could be a good game for Bradshaw and Wallace, who have hit a bit of form.

E18 wall

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people are calling this cringeworthy. I think it’s quite funny
Yea if people got an issue with him whatever he does is going to crap, some of the fellas after the game like the bloke and his son are good to watch. Not really my thing but you can't please everyone.


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people are calling this cringeworthy. I think it’s quite funny
I thought it was very subtle. Just the right pitch.

If it had been on BBC2 it’s one of those things you’d be thinking is this a spoof or isn’t it. Bit like when The Office first aired. There are Charlton fans like that.


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Looking forward to this and hoping it’s a good game.

My grandad died a year ago on Wednesday. He was the reason I ended up a Millwall fan. My dad isn’t into football, so my mum’s dad dragged me along to watch the Lions. I’m sure it wasn’t the first game I ever went to, but the first game I can vividly recall is the 1-1 with Crystal Palace, when they got a late equaliser in 1988. I went to a few games much earlier, but can’t remember against who. I guess that one stuck out because everyone was so gutted, and so was I for the first time. I had become a proper fan.

Anyways, my grandad only became a Millwall fan because of my great grandad. A hulking 6 foot docker and navy boxing champ. My sister still has his tea sets that he won, as was the tradition back then. My grandad was from Walworth, the war interrupted his teenage years. Only after returning from serving in the RAF did he get to enjoy things like going to football. His best mate was a Charlton fan. They were a top side at the time, having just won the FA Cup. So, my granddad went along to The Valley with him and saw all the big clubs come and play.

Then my granddad met my Nan and eventually my great granddad, the barrel chested docker from Bermondsey. He and my uncle Bill, also a hulking navy chap, persuaded my granddad to come with them down The Den if he wanted to win favour with them and carry on courting my Nan.

My granddad agreed and started coming to Millwall games. It was a terrible time for the Lions. The Den was still recovering from bomb and fire damaged and so the club had no money to spare and the club slipped into the Third Division (South) and even ended up having to apply for re-election.

He still popped along to The Valley with his best mate, as Charlton escaped the war unscathed and so were enjoying First Division football. But, he said that nothing could beat going to The Den. He said that the wit and humour of the dockers is rightly legendary and he laughed every time he went along, the gallows humour was something you didn’t get at The Valley. Something else you didn’t get at Charlton he said, was that partisan crowd you got at Millwall. Truly a 12th man.

He said the Millwall crowd gave you goosebumps, something he never experienced at the more sedate Valley, where it seemed large crowds gathered to watch and appreciate good football. At The Den it was far more tribal. It was about being proud of your little part of London and letting everyone else know about it - the away team, fans and officials. Everyone was the enemy. At Charlton if the away team scored a good goal people clapped, at The Den the crowd booed and then got even louder in support of their team. It was an affront for anyone but the Lions to score on the hallowed Den turf, good goal or not.

He knew he’d became a Millwall fan just like me in a game v Crystal Palace. It was 1952 and two of his brothers had started following the Glaziers, as Palace were still known then. It was a Third Division (South) match and Millwall were one of the favourites for promotion that season, 28,886 came to The Den to see a 2-1 win and Millwall go top in September. He was happy he got to gloat to his brothers about the result and also the terrific noise that The Den generated, which his brothers conceded was above and beyond anything they’d ever witnessed at Crystal Palace, so much so one converted to the Millwall cause!

Millwall failed to go up that season, despite finishing second. It was a cruel blow and was the start of many years of pain. But, it was the beginning of a Millwall family affair that now stretches over five generations, from my great grandad to my two girls, with my grandad the lynchpin in between.

So, it’s quite apt that me and uncle and cousins will be raising a glass to grandad just over a year since he passed, as they play his best mate’s team in a SE London derby!



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BBC Match Facts:
  • Millwall have lost none of their past 10 league games against Charlton (W5 D5) since a 2-0 defeat in March 1996.
  • Charlton have won just one of their past 15 away league visits to Millwall (D4 L10), a 2-0 victory in December 1995.
  • Millwall have lost just two of their past 13 home games in all competitions (W5 D6) and are unbeaten at The Den since previous boss Neil Harris lost his final home game in charge against QPR in September (W2 D1).
  • Current manager Lee Bowyer scored in Charlton's last league victory against Millwall in March 1996, netting the opening goal in a 2-0 win, while he was sent off the last time they beat them away from home in December 1995.
  • Millwall boss Gary Rowett has faced Charlton three times previously, opposing a different manager in each game between April 2015 and April 2016 - Guy Luzon, Karel Fraeye and Jose Riga (W1 L2).
  • Charlton Athletic have had just 95 shots in open play in the Championship this season, fewer than any other side, and have faced 172 shots in open play, second only to Luton Town (182).


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They've got two poor full-backs... ideal for Jed and Mahoney to run at and try and win a penalty. Especially against that Solly, who is Charlton through and through, so who will try and be extra keen, despite his legs having gone. In fact, I think he was sent off against us before.

The lions mane

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Major honours and other achievements:

Charlton Athletic won the FA Cup in 1947. Bizarrely, they have an appalling record in cup competitions other than that 1947 victory and Runners-Up medal in 1946, only getting past the 5th Round of the FA Cup on seven occasions in their entire history; compared to Millwall, who have got past the 5th Round 11 times and are recognised as the greatest giant killers in FA Cup history, having knocked out more holders and reigning Champions than any other club. Charlton have played in two finals, impressively back-to-back (1946 and 1947); Millwall only one (2004; although did reach the 1945 War-Time FA Cup Final), Charlton have played in two FA Cup Semi-Finals, again back-to-back (1946 & 1947), compared to Millwall’s five FA Cup Semi-Final appearances (1900, 1903, 1937, 2004 and 2013).

Millwall do have an excellent FA Youth Cup pedigree too, having reached three finals (1979, 1991 and 1994) and winning two of them (1979 and 1991). Charlton Athletic were Runners-Up in 1987.

Millwall, technically, have won a major honour. The Football League Trophy started as a competition that included clubs from all four divisions and so when Millwall won it in 1983 it was technically a major honour by definition, with that season’s First Division Runners-Up Watford one of the participants. However, sadly this pales into insignificance compared to Charlton’s FA Cup win, which Millwall, as officially the best giant killers in FA Cup history, are rightly envious of.

Millwall are the only south London club to have competed in a major European competition, the 2004/05 UEFA Cup and remain unbeaten on home soil in Europe, having held Hungarian Champions Ferencvaros to a 1-1 draw at The Den. Sadly, the team packed with internationals were too strong in Budapest and Millwall lost 3-1.

Millwall once went 59 consecutive home league games unbeaten, an achievement only surpassed by Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and Chelsea. Millwall have also remained unbeaten at home on five different occasions and in four different divisions.

Millwall hold the record for most home league goals scored in a season – 87 in 1927/28.

Millwall hold the record for most official fans at both the old and new Wembley stadiums: 47,349 v Wigan Athletic in the 1999 Auto Windscreens Shield Final and 49,661 for the League One Play-Off Final v Scunthorpe United in 2009.

Charlton Athletic hold the 8th highest ever home attendance in English football, with a crowd of 75,031 for a FA Cup 5th Round match v Aston Villa in 1938.

Charlton Athletic hold the joint record for highest ever scoring draw, when they drew 6-6 with Middlesbrough in 1960.

Charlton Athletic are the only club to ever lose an FA Cup game but still reach the final. The 1945/46 FA Cup had a two-leg format to help boast club coffers after the war and Charlton lost 2-1 away to Fulham in the 3rd Round, but had already won the first leg 3-1. They lost 4-1 to Derby County in the final.
Great article but how many time’s you going to post it


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Pleased to see 2 " frontmen" start, but whats the formation 4 3 3? or does it really matter?
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