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Having read about the quantity and quality of these food parcels I believe somebody or two are going to get their collar felt starting with Chartwell. Reminds me how most of our Chief Stewards ended.up the richest men aboard. You get
the ship's chandler to produce a delivery note with the full order which you handed him two days ago. He gets your signature theninvoices are drawn up with the spurious total of provisions. Which are submitted to the agent or owner who sees nothing wrong and pays them. In the meantime the chandler has paid off the Chief Steward and taken his cut. Has happened since ships first went to sea. I reckon this is what has happened. It is called Fraud and worthy of a Custodial.


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certain people wont be giving this a like
I think this is what it was all about as a mate whos into politics told me
And as usual some have used this again to dig out a certain party

Always have to turn everything into politics
As you say when his family got fuck all help and he was supposedly starving it was under a Labour Party

its a shame as he seems one of the genuine ones but its always twisted to meet a agenda by others media etc
A couple of years ago i had a girl where i live say she was starving knock on the door, i did make her something to eat and told her for future ref their was a food bank nearby, she told me later she did go there and actually a little later was working in there.
when i told a few people what i had done a couple said i was a mug
Sometimes even when you do something half good you get into a argument ha

oh yeah i would add add she was black and the food bank has now gone
Are you implying because she is black that she stole the foodback? :wahey:


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They all do, their weekly wages are paid through PAYE like most people. That 180,000 they get a week, half of it goes straight to the taxman. Their image rights and sponsorship deals are different though.
Spot on. They can’t get out of tax on their weekly wage, it’s all PAYE. What they do with their bonuses is up to them, as long as it’s legal. I hope all those throwing tax dodging accusations around are paying tax on their pension contributions and do not take out an ISA, amongst many other legal tax avoidance schemes