Manchester City Blues


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On appeal. It will probably be reduced to no domestic cup competitions.... Should relegate them to the conference and make them work there way back up.
You just know they will get it over turned, but then again with the Brexit factor???????? :)


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We will find out if football is a business or still a sport on their appeal.....broke all the fair play rules but got investigated ,tried & sentenced by the same body which seems a bit it's an English Team (?) In Europe being judged by eoropeans...really got no time for cheats let's see what happens and if up held how many money rats will leave the sinking ship

northern lion

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I’m wondering if it’s an anti English thing, because as already pointed out by Lionheart, Real Madrid have been involved with shady deals regarding land deals and also along with Barcelona been afforded tax breaks.
They don’t seem too keen to make an example of those Spanish Clubs or look too closely at what’s gone on there.


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Surely if they have broken the UEFA financial fair play rules they must also be breaking the rules in the Premier league?
They don't have rules in the Prem. Or, if they do, it is the big six that make the rules, so they will just change them if necessary.
The main rule in the Prem is "make as much money as you can, from as many sources as possible."


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Forgetting politics for a minute, I’m quite proud we’re not one of those Charlie big potato spending teams, otherwise what soul the club has got left will be lost
Agree to a certain extent. But wouldn't you just like a season up there messing them all up a bit.
The folding that we would trouser would be good for the future of the club as well.
Then we could return to our 'new' stadium and enjoy being the biggest small club in the world.