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Millwall tel

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Me too Tel.
I still cannot imagine what my Parents and grandparents would think if they saw the state of this country today.
They like many of your folk fought in the 1st and 2nd world wars.
I'm glad they can't see what this great nation has become!
God rest their souls!
I really feel like crying right now.
It’s gone mate the country has gone. And those pulling the strings don’t give a fuck about the likes of us they are too busy appeasing all the Muslim scum.


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It’s gone mate the country has gone. And those pulling the strings don’t give a fuck about the likes of us they are too busy appeasing all the Muslim scum.
Yes it has, as I posted earlier in this thread not a day goes by when I am not saddened by what our country has become. I cannot fathom for the life of me why any Government and some of the people wish to see the demise of its own indigineous population and replace it with a 3rd world population be they scum or not?
Thank fuck I wont be around to see it for too much longer , but how sad it is particularly for us older ones to spend their twilight years having to witness it and to imagine what it will be like for our grandchildrens children and so on,they probably wont even get taught out history?
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Successive governments will pander to the vocal minority, and not give a flying fuck about the silent majority. We are all too busy working our bollocks off for 48 weeks of the year, to go out and protest. When someone stands up and starts to say what most are thinking, the media et al scream RACIST and ruin the poor fuckers life.


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Fuck me what a fucked up world we live in!
Fuck me just read this about that guy who fought him but had been convicted of killing a 21 year old disabled girl

I really don’t know - redemption as the Rev Ian Paisley believed in ? I don’t think I personally could ever forgive anyone - but apparently looks like the criminal justice and re-education worked on him - who knows - suppose we do have to think thank fuck he was there totry to save that woman and tackle the shit cunt - goes some way to paying off his debt for a terrible crime .

- “
David Wilson, a professor of criminology at Birmingham City University and chair of the Friends of Grendon prison – where Ford was previously – said the prisoner had gone through an intensive period of psychotherapy.
“I only picked up it was James Ford as a consequence of them publishing his photo … I remember him and indeed some others from the Friends of Grendon charity.”
He said what had happened was a tale of two prisoners, with Ford an example of how people could change. “I know through my work that people do change and they change as a consequence of innovative but challenging regimes such as the one at HMP Grendon.”

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When are these lazy bastards going to re-open the bridge.

Happened on a small stretch of the west side pavement on the North end. About 6o yards in total no need for them to have the whole Bridge closed.

If they don't have the pavement on the other side open for tomorrow mornings commute they can fuck off.